Legal Battles and Professional Triumphs: David Ginn’s Journey

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I recently retired from the military and have started a faculty position at Augusta University. When I was stationed in the Virgin Islands, I was charged with a DUI, which was dismissed. The VI Consortium will not update the story or archive the link, so when my name is searched, “David Ginn,” my mug shot comes up in images. As I attempted to continue my professional career, my reputation was attacked by one negative newspaper post, even when all charges were dismissed.

The Impact of Legal Battles

Legal battles can have a profound impact on an individual’s life, especially when it comes to their professional career. David Ginn’s journey is a testament to the challenges and triumphs one can experience amidst such battles.

Overcoming Adversity

Despite facing false accusations and a negative newspaper post, David Ginn persevered and continued to pursue his professional aspirations. He refused to let these obstacles define him and instead used them as stepping stones towards success.

Professional Triumphs

David Ginn’s professional triumphs are a testament to his determination and resilience. Despite the setbacks caused by the legal battles he faced, he managed to establish himself in his field and secure a faculty position at Augusta University.

A New Chapter

Retiring from the military marked the beginning of a new chapter in David Ginn‘s life. With his experience and expertise, he embarked on a career in academia, where he could share his knowledge and make a difference in the lives of his students.


David Ginn’s journey is a story of overcoming adversity and achieving professional triumphs. It serves as an inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges, reminding them that with determination and resilience, they too can overcome any obstacles in their path.

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