Mastering the Beauty of Joseon: Makeup Tips and Tricks

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The beauty of Joseon, a period in Korean history known for its elegance and sophistication, has captivated people around the world. One of the secrets to achieving this timeless beauty lies in the makeup techniques that were practiced during that era. In this article, we will explore the traditional makeup practices of Joseon and how they can be adapted for modern use.

The Beauty of Joseon: A Timeless Legacy

The Joseon Dynasty, which lasted from 1392 to 1910, was a period of great cultural and artistic achievement in Korea. The beauty standards of the time emphasized clear, radiant skin, and a youthful appearance. To achieve this, people in Joseon followed a meticulous makeup routine that focused on enhancing natural features and creating a flawless complexion.

The Traditional Makeup Routine of Joseon

The makeup routine of Joseon was based on the principles of balance and harmony. It consisted of several steps, each designed to enhance natural beauty and create a polished, elegant look.

Base Makeup

The first step in the makeup routine was base makeup. This was done using a natural foundation made from ingredients like rice powder or ground mung beans. The foundation was applied to the face and neck using a brush or sponge to create a smooth, even base.


Eyebrows were an important part of the makeup routine in Joseon. They were shaped using a natural eyebrow pencil made from ingredients like charcoal or soot. The eyebrows were drawn in a straight, horizontal line to create a youthful, innocent look.


The eyes were the focal point of the makeup routine in Joseon. They were enhanced using a natural eyeshadow made from ingredients like ground mica or crushed flowers. The eyeshadow was applied to the eyelids using a brush or finger to create a soft, subtle look.


The cheeks were another important part of the makeup routine in Joseon. They were enhanced using a natural blush made from ingredients like beetroot or hibiscus petals. The blush was applied to the apples of the cheeks using a brush or finger to create a healthy, youthful glow.


The lips were the final step in the makeup routine. They were enhanced using a natural lip tint made from ingredients like red clay or rose petals. The lip tint was applied to the lips using a brush or finger to create a soft, subtle look.

Adapting the Makeup Routine for Modern Use

While the makeup routine of Joseon was effective, it can be adapted for modern use by incorporating some modern makeup products and techniques. For example, instead of using a natural foundation, you can use a lightweight, hydrating foundation that is suitable for your skin type. Similarly, instead of using a natural eyebrow pencil, you can use a brow gel or powder that matches your hair color.

In conclusion, the makeup routine of Joseon is a timeless legacy that can be adapted for modern use. By following the principles of balance and harmony and using gentle, natural ingredients, you can achieve the beauty of Joseon and enjoy a flawless, elegant look.

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