Hammer Golf Game Rules Made Easy: Play Like a Pro on Skins App

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Are you ready to take your golf game to the next level with a fun and exciting twist? Look no further than the Hammer Golf game on the Skins App! In this article, we will break down the Hammer Golf game rules to help you play like a pro and dominate the course.

What is Hammer Golf?

Hammer Golf is a popular game variation that adds an element of strategy and excitement to your round. In this game, players can challenge each other to hit specific targets on the course and earn points for their accuracy. The player who accumulates the most points by the end of the round is declared the winner.

How to Play Hammer Golf on Skins App

  1. Download the Skins App: First, download the Skins App on your mobile device and create an account.
  2. Select Hammer Golf: Choose the Hammer Golf game variation from the list of available options.
  3. Invite Players: Invite your friends to join you in a Hammer Golf game on the Skins App.
  4. Set Targets: Decide on the targets that players will aim for during the round. These can be specific yardages, hazards, or even certain landmarks on the course.
  5. Earn Points: Players earn points based on how close they are to the target. The closer you are, the more points you will receive.
  6. Declare a Winner: At the end of the round, tally up the points to determine the winner of the Hammer Golf game.


The Hammer Golf Game Rules on the Skins App is a fun and exciting way to test your skills on the course. By following the rules and playing strategically, you can play like a pro and dominate your friends in this competitive game variation. So, download the Skins App, invite your friends, and get ready to hammer away at the targets on the course!

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